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Neural Edge combines AI tools with SEO best practices to increase organic website traffic and conversions for your business.

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Here at Neural Edge we synthesize 15 years of SEO knowledge with AI & automation tools to create content marketing and SEO campaigns that drive more traffic and conversions for your business. We can help you to:

Search Engine Optimisation By Numbers

Content marketing and SEO are essential for getting your website in front of potential customers at every stage of the buying journey. From initial research to the point of purchase, content marketing and SEO will ensure potential customers find your website along every step of the buying journey in a digital environment filled with noise and distraction.  

1 %

of online experiences start with a search engine

1 %

of people click organic results rather than paid results

1 %

of search queries consist of 4 or more words

Neural Edge SEO Success Stories

We’ve worked with several market-leading clients in the B2B and B2C space. The team at Neural Edge has experience working across a range of industries, including textiles, retail & B2B software, home & garden, healthcare & medical, construction & safety, food & beverage and transport and logistics.

William James SEO Work

WM James

WM James is a heritage garden equipment brand founded in 1954. We produced a range of written and video content for their retail gardening website. This content supported our broader organic SEO & PPC strategy, and website sales increased 269% YOY.

Huck Nets

Huck manufactures and sells its own brand sports, safety and general-purpose netting online. The brief was to increase online sales with SEO, content marketing, PPC and social media. We increased online sales by 118% and website traffic by +15,000 organic visitors.

Our SEO Work By Numbers

Our team of SEO experts has over 15 years of content marketing and SEO experience between them, and in that time, we’ve racked up some impressive stats.

1 +

Blog Posts Written & Published

1 +

Website Pages SEO’d & Updated

1 k+

Words Crafted

SEO & Content Packages

Our AI SEO services cover every aspect of content marketing and SEO. From writing fresh content to building new links, we’ll handle all of your SEO and content activity. Our Premium and Enterprise packages also give you access to a live online dashboard in your very own client area to track your campaigns on mobile and desktop.


  • Initial Strategy Meeting
  • Full Content Calendar & Plan
  • 3,000-words/4 posts a month
  • 50 Target Keywords
  • Backlink Outreach
  • Optimise Old Content
  • Technical SEO Fixes
  • Monthly Reporting


  • Initial Strategy Meeting
  • Full Content Calendar & Plan
  • 6,000-words/6 posts a month
  • 100 Target Keywords
  • Backlink Outreach
  • Optimise Old Content
  • Technical SEO Fixes
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 24/7/365 Dashboard Access


  • Initial Strategy Meeting
  • Full Content Calendar & Plan
  • 9,000-words/8 posts a month
  • 250 Target Keywords
  • Backlink Outreach
  • Optimise Old Content
  • Technical SEO Fixes
  • Weekly & Monthly Reporting
  • 24/7/365 Dashboard Access


Maybe, but SEO is a process that requires ongoing work. While your site may have been SEO’d initially it might not be getting much benefit from that now and it’s unlikely you’ll see meaningful organic traffic growth unless you have an ongoing SEO and content strategy in place. 

If you’re unsure, book a free 30-minute strategy call to get a clear understanding of where your site is now and where it could be in 12 months.

If you need traffic and results yesterday – you need to invest your budget in paid ads on Google, Facebook and other platforms. But remember, when you turn the ads off, the website traffic stops too.

If you’re looking for a methodical and scalable strategy, then SEO is for you. While every client is different it can take 9-12 months to start seeing results from fresh content while updates to pages that are already ranking can deliver results sooner.

Working with an expert content marketing and SEO team like Neural Edge to identify these short, mid and long term opportunities is essential, not least because we have access to market-leading tools and millions of data points to comprehensively view the online landscape.

Backlinks are an essential part of SEO and content marketing. Links back to your website from credible sources tell Google that your website is a great source for content and so priorities it in the SERPs.

Producing great content will naturally generate backlinks to your website but some pieces might need an extra push. To help, we manually reach out to relevant websites in your industry to secure links back to your website that will boost authority and drive referral traffic.

We use AI to analyse millions of data points and identify new opportunities for your business. It would take a human much longer to analyze this data so AI eliminates this time-consuming element of search engine optimization.

Our team then translates these insights into high-performing content and SEO campaigns by learning from actual user behaviour and searches. For more info, read our article on how we use AI in SEO.

It’s fair to say that almost all major search engines today use some form (or combination) of AI in their search algorithms. Google uses AI in various ways, from ensuring all the ads it displays are highly relevant to delivering high-quality search results for difficult queries – and everything in between.

Their latest MUM update was a massive advancement in AI.

We’ve worked with several market-leading clients in the B2B and B2C space and collectively our team has experience in working across a range of industries conducting SEO and content marketing. Some of those industries include:

  • Textiles
  • Retail Software
  • Home & Garden
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Construction & Safety
  • Food & Beverages
  • Sales Software
  • Hospitality

The Neural Edge office is in Crewkerne, Somerset. The South West is known for its digital and creative community – making us ideally positioned to work with the best talent in the digital marketing and creative sectors.

Our fully managed, comprehensive content marketing and SEO services start from £999 per month, with every client benefiting from our 15+ years of combined SEO experience across on-site, technical and off-site SEO disciplines.

Plus, your content marketing and SEO will be powered by a unique stack of the latest industry-leading tech at no extra cost to you.

Glassdoor‘s research estimates the national average salary for an SEO Manager is £38,181 in the United Kingdom.

Content marketing and SEO are increasingly being powered by AI and automation. We combine these technologies with our 15+ years of digital marketing experience to produce content marketing and SEO campaigns that drive more organic traffic and conversions for your business.

You can request a free 30-minute strategy call here. Before the call, we’ll review your website, and online competitors and generate a report that we’ll talk you through on the call. We’ll also share the opportunities we’ve found to improve your content & SEO and drive more traffic and conversions.

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30-Minute Strategy Call

To learn about creating an AI-powered SEO strategy and get personalised recommendations for increasing website traffic, enquiries and sales, book a free strategy call.


SEO Blog

Search Engines are powered by AI, automation and machine learning. We fuse these technologies with our proven SEO processes to create data-driven strategies and highly targeted, multi-format content to enlighten and engage new and existing customers. Read our blog to learn more about the power of content marketing and SEO.

We’re an SEO agency and a team of content marketing and technology specialists on a quest to revolutionise SEO and content marketing. 

By seamlessly integrating the latest AI, automation & machine learning tech into our tried and tested SEO processes, we help our clients reach more customers, increase website traffic and generate more online sales and enquiries.

Our unique approach and tools enable us to conduct SEO more efficiently and more comprehensively than ever before, so we can provide the best SEO services that scale with your needs.

To see what kind of shape your site is in currently we’ll do an on-site audit to see where your pages rank now, how they’re structured and where the opportunities are for your website. We’ll also run a technical audit to identify any issues.

As well as looking at your website we’ll look at your competitors websites too, to find missed opportunities such as keywords you should be targeting or search terms where competitors are winning traffic because they rank higher.   

Planning is essential to every content marketing and SEO campaign, so once we’ve done our research we’ll build you a complete 12-month plan.

You’ll get a branded document for you business that includes a marketing calendar, content calendar, content ideas, keyword research, backlink tracker and a technical fix log.

Our content writers, video editors and SEO specialists will produce content for your website, as well as updating old content to attract, inspire, engage and convert your ideal audience.

We’ll also reach out to websites in your niche to secure high quality backlinks to increase your website authority and reach new audiences. 

While your campaign is live we’ll track a range of metrics, making updates to your website and strategy along the way to keep your content marketing on track. This enables us to focus time and budget on the content that’s working.

Every month we’ll report back on activity, rank changes and new backlinks secured. You’ll always have access to your content plan, documents and dashboard via a secure cloud link.

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