Our Data-Driven Process To Increase Your Online Sales

We’ve developed an award-winning process that helps you to connect with your audience in the right place at the right time across multiple platforms to drive more traffic and revenue.

Our Data-Driven Process To Increase Your Online Sales

We’ve developed an award-winning process that helps you to connect with your audience in the right place at the right time across multiple platforms to drive more traffic and revenue.

Benefits of Data-Driven Search Marketing Campaigns

From deep-technical SEO analysis to crafting content that brings customers closer to your business we’ll develop and implement a data-driven eCommerce strategy that’s fully tracked, fully measured and delivers on your campaign KPIs.

The benefits of using data are that you can eliminate the guesswork and use real insights to make the right decisions.
By harnessing the power of data, you’ll not only meet but exceed campaign goals, setting a new standard for success in your digital marketing efforts.

"When we showcase the way we collect, enrich and analyse data to create our campaign, it's like a lightbulb coming on and suddenly clients have a whole new view of what needs to be done and why."

Craig Townley, Head of Tech & SEO

Core Website Analysis

We gather data from your website including how many keywords you rank for and where, your technical website set up and off-site factors like PR and link building to get a clear view of where you stand now.


Competitor Analysis

An analysis of competitor performance will reveal gaps in your strategy and new opportunities to compete across search. This will help us to build a unique strategy to help you better compete online.


Social & Trend Analysis

Accessing data from social platforms and Google Trends allows us to better understand what your customers are talking about, the brands they love, the channels they use and how we can reach them through search.


"We seamlessly integrate SEO and PPC to drive unmatched visibility and growth for your brand."

Ben Barnes, Managing Director

Elevating SEO with Data-Driven Expertise

Strategic Insights & Planning: We harness data collection and analysis to develop targeted SEO strategies that boost your search rankings and align with your goals.

Dynamic Campaigns & Continuous Improvement: Our team delivers impactful SEO content and campaigns with transparent reporting, ensuring you stay informed and ahead in the competitive SEO landscape.

Day 1-14

We gather your data using a mixture of AI, APIs, and familiar file types like CSV. Once we’ve centralised the data we need it will be cleansed, enriched, organised and stored in a secure data warehouse like BigQuery and visualised in Google Sheets.

Day 15-30

Using our tools, we’ll drill deeper into your data to find the opportunities that support your objectives. This is a critical stage as it informs the direction of your data-driven strategy and where our time will be focused each month on improving your site.

Day 31-90

In month two, we’ll kick off your campaign based on the data-driven strategy we’ve created. From implementing website fixes to publishing new content and placements we’ll maximise the opportunities to increase your traffic and online sales.

90+ Days

SEO and PPC optimisation can deliver quick wins within the first few months although the mid-long term impact of SEO is much greater. On-going monitoring and optimisation is essential to maintain rankings, traffic and market share.

"Working with Neural Edge is fantastic. They help us reach new markets, create promotional content, analyse data and improve our web operations."

Tony Lucas, Huck Play

RiRi Hair Extensions

Wood To Water

"We're all about empowering your digital journey with data-driven precision and innovative solutions."

John Shirley, Director

FAQs About Our Approach

Data-driven SEO & PPC is the process of using the data your website generates to make better marketing decisions. For example you can prioritise the optimisation of website pages based on certain metrics like conversion rate and organic traffic.

Websites are generating more data than ever and marketers are becoming overwhelmed, with many unsure how to collect, analyse and activate this data.

Since Covid online shopping has become more popular and brands need to react to this by getting to grips with their website data to better understand how and why their customers shop online.

To be truly data-driven you need tools that provide data at every stage of the SEO & PPC process from keyword research to content writing and ads and reporting.

Sometimes we build our own tools to extract and analyse the data we need from different systems and platforms. We also use many tools that incorporate AI as this allows us to process data much faster with fewer errors.

Google provides some of the data we use for what people are searching for, search volumes and trends and seasonality.

We also use your website data to inform and analyse our approach like sessions, demographic data, revenue and geography.

Broaden your advertising scope with the Google Display Network. Our campaigns are designed for visual impact and targeted reach, placing your brand in front of a relevant audience across a wide range of websites.

We’ve built a unique network of tools that provide us with a comprehensive data set to support the creation of a data-driven search marketing strategy for your website.

Our approach is award-winning and incorporates innovative AI tools to gather and analyse data and help with campaign creation and reporting.

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About Neural Edge

Neural Edge is a marketing services agency based in Somerset, England founded by Ben Barnes and John Shirley.

Our award-winning approach helps brands increase online sales and leads with a range of in-house and AI-powered tools curated to achieve maximum performance.

We foster a data-driven methodology using AI to help gather and analyse data from your marketing channels and build a search strategy that drives increased online visibility, traffic and sales.

We're passionate Search experts using the latest tools and techniques to maximise marketing performance

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