Woocommerce SEO Consultant Services

Working with a Woocommerce SEO consultant will help increase your online store’s visibility and generate more online sales by using search engine optimisation best practices and advanced SEO software.

Woocommerce SEO Services

Our Woocommerce SEO consultants have a range of SEO experience from technical SEO to link building and content creation. We can help you quickly identify where your website needs work and build an eCommerce SEO strategy to increase organic traffic and rank your website pages higher in the search results.

We're Woocommerce SEO Experts

There are many considerations when it comes to Woocommerce SEO. If you want to rank your Woocommerce store on search engines and drive more organic traffic, working with a Woocommerce SEO consultant that knows the platform will help to give your SEO campaigns a significant boost.

Our WordPress and Woocommerce SEO experts have a fantastic knowledge of WordPress sites and Woocommerce sites and years of experience in the SEO industry. We know the challenges and benefits of working with these platforms and can help you define a clear and measurable roadmap for eCommerce success.

What Does A Woocommerce SEO Consultant Do?

A Woocommerce SEO consultant will help you in several ways. When you work with our Woocommerce SEO team, you can expect a professional and comprehensive service that includes:

AI-Powered Woocommerce Website Audit

A Full Online Competitor Analysis

In-Depth Technical SEO Auditing

Backlink Profiling & Domain Authority Checks

Category Pages & Site Structure Review

Duplicate & Thin Content Checks

Meta Information & Page Title Analysis

Product Information & Image Review

Integrations, Automations & Software Audit

Once we’ve worked with you to complete our free initial site audit, we’ll do a deeper dive and work with your team to build out an SEO strategy that maximises the opportunities we’ve found to drive more organic traffic and fixes the issues holding your site back in the search results.

If you want to outsource SEO to a professional SEO agency because you don’t have the capacity in-house, take a look at our AI SEO services.

Our team of SEO experts have extensive experience working with a range of eCommerce website platforms to improve search engine ranking positions with innovative SEO campaign ideas and strategies.

Identifying WooCommerce SEO Keywords

Keywords are an essential element of SEO marketing and are the foundation for eCommerce SEO. Defining your SEO requirements ties in closely with the keywords you want to rank for on the first page and which keywords drive more revenue than others.

Matching the right keywords to page titles and other on-page elements based on market research will help deliver sustainable results and improve the visibility of site pages and conversion rate. Similarly, optimising pages for mobile devices is another SEO essential which our in house team can advise if your website is managed in house.

Product Pages

The use of keywords in your eCommerce SEO strategy will vary depending on where they are used on your site. We recommend including high-intent keywords that signal people are looking for a specific product and are ready to buy now for product descriptions and product titles. Examples might include specific product names or part numbers.

Blog Pages

On the other hand, you can use long-tail keywords on your blog post pages to capture people searching on Google for informational terms. Getting your blog posts to rank high for these terms will help your brand build trust in the early buying stages so that when potential customers are ready to buy, you’re top of mind.

Category Pages

Another crucial area of your website that we focus on with our keyword research is your category pages. Collection and category pages have a massive amount of SEO potential. Getting these pages to rank in the organic results will increase traffic to your site and drive more eCommerce sales.

Woocommerce SEO Consultant Cost

The cost of a Woocommerce SEO consultant can vary dramatically depending on their experience working with eCommerce websites and the type of eCommerce SEO services they offer.

While an SEO consultant might not cost as much as engaging full SEO services from a digital marketing agency, an SEO consultant can uncover deep insights about your brand online, your competitors and your SEO, so there’s a lot to gain from hiring an SEO consultant even if you choose to do SEO in house.

Our Woocommerce SEO consultancy pricing depends on several factors, including how big your website is, the current state of your eCommerce SEO, the number of Woocommerce stores you need help with and how quickly you want to see results.

We consider a small Woocommerce site to have around 100 products or less, whereas a large Woocommerce site might have anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 SKUs or products.

Contact us today to find out more about our Woocommerce SEO consultant pricing and packages.

Hiring A Woocommerce SEO Specialist For Your Online Store

To get the best results from your Woocommerce SEO campaigns, you need to make sure you choose the best Woocommerce SEO consultant for your needs. A consultant with knowledge of how a Woocommerce website works and strong eCommerce SEO experience is a basic starting point.

From there, you should dig deeper to see if the consultant has worked with similar companies in your industry or even competitors.

Asking questions about their SEO process like which tools they use for eCommerce SEO, how they measure results and what’s covered in their SEO services or consulting packages will also help you get a better idea of whether the consultant is right for you and your business.

5 Points To Consider When Hiring An SEO Consultant

If you’re ready to start talking with a consultant about your Woocommerce site SEO, here are 5 points to consider while on the call or before you go into the meeting.

1. Experience
2. Similar Clients
3. Previous Results
4. Pricing & Packages
5. Timescales & Scope of Work

Taking your time to research SEO companies beforehand will help you develop a shortlist of SEO agencies you’d like to work with. Working with Woocommerce websites requires good technical SEO knowledge and an advanced understanding of search engines and digital marketing.

As an SEO agency that specialises in eCommerce and Woocommerce site SEO, we’d love the opportunity to talk more about your SEO needs and see if we can help generate more traffic to your website from potential customers ready to buy your products online.

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